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 A Ritual for Welcoming a New Child

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This ritual is an insertion to the normal eight-fold year.

It is opened and closed with ritual segments

from the Feast or celebration

held soonest after the child is born.


About Rituals
Items Needed



Rituals are a way of reaffirming the power of life by recognising its rites of passage and reconnecting with the elements of life and the cosmos you honor. 


While rituals aren't necessary for life to go on, they can help you feel less disconnected, and to align to what you believe empowers you. 


Just as meditation and prayer are rituals that are recommended to be done often, so that their modes are well instilled, honoring the divine regularly, in whatever form you believe life to be divine, helps you to adjust your attitudes and behaviour when you are feeling lost or disconnected in some way. 


There are many types of rituals you can use to do this. 

These are just some, but they are recognised by pagans of European origin everywhere - the Rituals and Feasts of the Eight Fold Year. 


We do not promote these rituals above all others. 

We believe that even these should be rewritten to suit your own modes, practices, and beliefs. 

They are offered as guidance, only, and represent modes to reaffirm yourself in life, and to re-acknowledge the divine. 

Nor do we promote paganism above all other forms of spirituality or religion. 

We are neo-druids cum buddhists because our paganism is inclusive, not exclusive, and encompasses all religions, all faiths, and all spiritual paths, even when those other paths do not wish to encompass US. 


We believe in ALL that is divine, and in the right of ALL people to find their own methods to recognise divinity and spirit. 

And that includes the rights of atheists and agnostics to reject what we believe in. 


We offer these rituals to expand your insight into paganism, apart from propaganda and misconcepts led by popular opinion.



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"T'was with delight we met the Light of new Life in the flesh,
A glorious Child from ancient lines rejoined us in the Thresh. 
We gave our Blessings gladly and safe-kept with Mother Earth,
Then showed our new Beloved the way to dance the Mirth."

  - Poetry by L.O.Hennig (copyright)






Performed at the first Seasonal Ritual held after the Child is born.



SETTING UP: (back to top)   (Index )



This ritual is performed in the midst of the seasonal ritual that falls closest to the date when the child was born.

The opening and closing parts of the ritual are therefore the usual ritual procedures belonging to that particular rite.

It is usually inserted just after the energy raising has been completed, and before the usual seasonal ritual recitals.


Things to set up with: (These are included on the Altar for the seasonal ritual and come into play only once the Naming segment begins.)


Votive candles/saucers.
Paper & pens to write Blessings upon. (This is done before the whole ritual begins).
Gifts for the Child.
Box or
bag to contain Blessings, or to bury them in.
water for Blessing.



RECITAL (back to top)  (Index )



The Parent/s stand/s (together), outside the ritual circle at the East.

The Priest/Priestess recites:


"Blessed be!" 


All participants respond:


"Blessed be!" 


The Priest/Priestess says:


"We are come to celebrate the arrival of a Soul incarnate, who has chosen to be with us on our Path in the life of the mortal world.

We are come to greet Divinity in a new manifestation."


The Priest/Priestess says:


"Who presents this Soul to Life in our World?"


The Parent/s answer:


"I/We bring my/our Child to be honored and named."


The Priest/Priestess says to the Parent/s:


"Your Child has chosen you to be his/her Parent/s.

Your task is to protect and nurture his/her life until his/her true Path to Destiny is revealed.


You will guide, even though you know not the ultimate Path you guide to.

You will teach, even though you know not the utter Truth of what you teach.

You will inspire, even though you know not what will Activate.

For Parenthood is a Path of Learning, not only for the Child but for yourself/ves.


Do you accept the task ahead of you in good faith, to live and grow together as best you can, 

And to neither oppress your Child nor let him/her oppress you?"


The Parent/s assent/s.

The Priest/Priestess says:


"Then enter our Circle with your offspring and present him/her to each of us."


The Parent/s enter the Circle from the East and move around, sunwise (North, then West), presenting the Child to each Participant, who kisses or touches it with love.

When the Circle has been traversed, the Child is given to the Priest/Priestess, who carries it around the Circle in the opposite direction, saying:


"Out of the Womb of the Great Mother, God the Integral, we welcome you, Child."


The Priest/Priestess stops in front of the Altar, and says:


"We greet you and thank those who guide you, for your safe return into this World."


The Priest/Priestess dips his/her fingers into the Salted Water and touches the child's forehead with it, and says:


"I give you the blessing of the Great Father, God the Infinite, who seeded you.

I give you the blessing of the Great Mother, God the Integral, who gave you form.

I give you the blessing of the creative Divine Spark, that it's strength and tranquility might always be with you."


The Priest/Priestess dips his/her fingers again into the Salted Water and asks the Parent/s:


"What name do you give to your Child to begin his/her journey through this Life?"


The Parent/s speak aloud the Name.


The Priest/Priestess names the Child, touching his/her wet fingers to its forehead, and says:


"I give you the name that will be with you throughout your Life, and which forms many of the components of your Destiny this day: (name)


I also gift to you the Druid's Prayer -

Grant, Mother-Father God, this Child thy refuge;
and in refuge, strength;
and in strength, understanding;
and in understanding, knowledge;
and from knowledge, knowledge of what is right;
and from knowledge of what is right, the love of it;
and from loving, the love of God.
God and all goodness."


The Priest/Priestess hands the Child back to its Parent/s, and says:


"I give you, (name), into the safe-keeping of those who birthed you into the physical world.

May Mother-Father God and their Angels guide and bless you all."


As the  Parent/s take the child back into their arms, the Priest/Priestess says:


"Now, others bring their gifts to welcome you."


The other participants file past the Child with their Blessing Papers (written on before the ritual starts), gifts, and cards.

They then go to the Altar and light a votive Candle for the Child before returning to their place in the circle. (These small candles are allowed to burn until they go out).

Once all participants are back in their places, the Blessing papers are gathered and placed in a box or bag for safe-keeping, or for burying (possibly beneath a tree or in a garden).



REVELRY (back to top)  (Index )



The usual revelry for the seasonal ritual that contains this ceremony is followed. Refer to that ritual for details.


Specific to the Child, a tree or plant can be planted in its honor (and possibly the bag of Blessings can be laid beneath its roots - this is optional, as it can also be kept as an heirloom treasure for the child ).

The child can also be passed around the circle of participants above their heads, from set of hands to set of hands, (if the parent/s agree).

Participants can take turns making faces at the child, to see how it responds. If the child cries, the participant is said to be at the child's service in the future, and if the child smiles, the child is said to be at the participant's service in the future.



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