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The information you can read on the pages you find here is by no means complete or even necessarily fully validated.  

It represents the interests of a lifetime of study and interaction with many of these subjects, and the passing on of what has been gleaned.  


Some information, therefore, is leaner than others.  Some is multi-layered.  Some areas are obscure in context simply because they come from personal experience that can't easily be passed on to those who have not had similar experiences. 


Some accounts are purely anecdotal. Some arise from in-depth esoteric education. And some subjects are presented purely because they refer to particular items sold on this site, to enable a greater understanding of the meaning of symbols and pantheons, esoteric and apotropaic qualities. 




What is the metaphysical?  


Wikipedia notes that: Metaphysics is concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and of the world, so that the notions by which people understand the world become clearer, e.g., existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect, possibility, and natural philosophy.


There are courses of Metaphysics in universities, today, where natural philosophy, ontology - the investigation into the basic categories of being and how they relate to each other, and cosmology - the study of the totality of all phenomena within the universe, are taught. But this form of metaphysics is a modern one, where science is attempting to grab back the streams of knowledge it long ago passed over as being too difficult to handle. 


For thousands of years, anyone with an exceptional interest and knowledge of the esoteric or supernatural was considered to be a metaphysician. 


The word, esoteric, defines a notion of being obscure and mysterious. The word, supernatural, defines a state encompassing a view of the natural world, standing outside of itself. To be super is to be larger than life. To be supernatural is to encompass the natural realms at a cosmic level. A metaphysician is therefore a person who works toward clarifying the nature of all life and its cause and effect from a cosmic standpoint. The metaphysical is what defines the physical realm and its cosmos in meta or large scope terms. While the subjects represented on these pages appear to be anything but natural, the metaphysical is a concept of everything having a reason and a place in existence - and the metaphysician is trying to fathom that reason and place, even, and especially, for the extraordinary.


Basically, metaphysics is about all that seems to be beyond our understanding of the physical world and its universe. It's about making connections and finding reasons for why things exist and why they do what they do when there appear to be no other reasonable explanations for that. It's more philosophical than scientific, and is therefore a spiritual expression more than a physical one.


The subjects threading from this page, ergo, are about spirituality, philosophy, magic, and things that are extraordinary and unable to be explained by the normal processes of logic and reason.  




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