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 A Ritual for the Beginner

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Rituals are a way of reaffirming the power of life by recognising its rites of passagand reconnecting with the elements of life and the cosmos you honor. 


While rituals aren't necessary for life to go on, they can help you feel less disconnected, and to align to what you believe empowers you. 


Just as meditation and prayer are rituals that are recommended to be done often, so that their modes are well instilled, honoring the divine regularly, in whatever form you believe life to be divine, helps you to adjust your attitudes and behaviour when you are feeling lost or disconnected in some way. 


There are many types of rituals you can use to do this.  These are just some, but they are recognised by pagans of European origin everywhere - the Rituals and Feasts of the Eight Fold Year


We do not promote these rituals above all others. We believe that even these should be rewritten to suit your own modes, practices, and beliefs. 

They are offered as guidance, only, and represent modes to reaffirm yourself in life, and to re-acknowledge the divine. 

Nor do we promote paganism above all other forms of spirituality or religion. We are neo-druids cum buddhists because our paganism is inclusive, not exclusive, and encompasses all religions, all faiths, and all spiritual paths, even when those other paths do not wish to encompass US. 


We believe in ALL that is divine, and in the right of ALL people to find their own methods to recognise divinity and spirit. And that includes the rights of atheists and agnostics to reject what we believe in. 


We offer these rituals to expand your insight into paganism, apart from propaganda and misconcepts led by popular opinion.




A Ritual for the Beginner



INITIAL THOUGHTS: (back to top)   (Index )



Before performing this ritual, you should spend some time meditating on what you want to achieve from it.

Dedication is a way of promising your Self and Mother-Father God that you are going to honestly and seriously explore this Path. It is a way of committing your Self to the respect and tolerance of All, including your Self. It will not make you into a Druid. That is a lifetime process.

In the realm of the Druid there is eternal movement and change, as we adapt and flow harmoniously with the natural and supernatural spheres we inhabit.

Druids comprehend that it is not within their mortal power to know everything, but they are willing to explore the Paths of Knowledge that divinity is prepared to divulge to them, in its wisdom. Yet, their respect for the blessing of that enlightenment also means that they will not misuse it.

Through Dedication, you are committing your Self to a lifetime of spiritual education; and this will come not only through teachers or reading, but from Life itself, in many and varied ways.

In opening your Self to the Path of the Druid, you also open your Self to new ways of experiencing things, and Knowledge may come in surprising ways.

Druidry is a path of constant examination of the inner and outer worlds to explore what God is trying to teach you. 
As a Druid, you will come to understand that you are never alone on your path through Life. Divinity is always beside you and within you; and guides, inspires and protects you: you need only ASK; for Divinity also respects your will, as an aspect of Itself, to freely do as you wish, and will therefore not intervene until it is invited to do so.

Often, though, you may find the path of the Druid perplexing as, what you ask for, and what is given to you, may differ greatly. 

The lessons to be learned in these cases is that you will be given what is rightfully yours to receive, and which will not harm you or others in any way. 

There is a true path to your life, and God will not contribute to your straying from it. 


When your wishes do not turn out as you had hoped, or are delayed, you will learn that sometimes you must first change yourself before the world around you can change.

To do that, you have to become honest and open enough to truly explore who you really are, and accept that knowledge of yourself. 

And, in accepting yourself, you must recognize the Divine Truth of your Spirit, that you are part and parcel of God as much as any other aspect of creation. 

Which means learning to love yourself, freely - not with vain love, but a love with honor and respect; seeing yourself clearly and objectively, faults and all, gifts and all.
Recognizing your faults or gifts, you must then not chastise your Self, nor hold your Self back, but give respect to the Divine hand that has shaped your purpose and your Life. 

Our faults are but the shaping of purpose, leading us in the direction of our lessons; and our gifts are the tools we may use to traverse our path. 

These may be the hardest lessons of all.

It is not necessary to travel your path in Initiation.  

You do not have to dedicate your Self to a path to be living by the Laws of right action. 

The animals, birds, trees, etc. most likely do not do so, yet are blessed by Divinity.

You do not even have to believe in God at all. God exists without such acknowledgement. 

However, on the path of enlightenment, which a Druid hopes to follow, you learn to not simply exist but to exist in a wider fashion, connected to all living things and to Spirit itself. And, when this path is functioning as it should, you may experience the true joy of your existence, and will never take it for granted again.

Druidry is not everyone's right path.  

There are many paths leading to Truth, which the true Druid recognizes. 


Druids believe that all Gods are one God; that all the names of God are simply the many names of the one God; that all entities of God are simply aspects of the one God; and that God is a multi-faceted, universal, multi-gendered force of Life and Creation. Therefore, as a Druid, you must be prepared to commit your Self to the respect of all religions, and of the place and importance they hold in the hearts, minds, and lives of others.

Finally, it must be said that ritual practices are not necessary to become a Druid, or to follow the path of Druidry. 

Nor are any of the tools and paraphernalia with which Druids tend to practice these rituals really needed. God is always with us, and listens to us. We have help mates on many levels, natural and supernatural, to guide us through ourl Lives.  

Tools, robes, rituals, etc. do not make us Druids. Such things, without proper intention and purpose, merely become role-playing and games.  

A true Druid does not need to undergo a ritual to speak with God, or to hear the Words of Divinity; or to learn the lessons of the spiritual path.  We are always fully connected with the Divine Spirit, and with Divine Knowledge. It is only our mortal forms, and the cosmic Laws of the physical world we live in, that obscure what we already know. A serious thought or vision is just as powerful as any ritual, (which is why careless people can do sensitive people much damage, often unintentionally). But rituals do have a purpose, for all that. 


Many times, most people do not spend time really examining their life and purpose. They then get flustered when things don't seem to go right. 

Rituals are a way of focusing energy and thoughts.  Most people usually have trouble doing just that.

A ritual is like a moving meditation and, when we focus our energies this way, God really does listen. You could liken it to a parent who watches their children playing, but doesn't really get involved in the action until the child asks for their presence. 

Further, rituals are a way of connecting ourselves to the Earth, and to the Earth's spirit. The Earth is alive with Divine Spirit as much as we are. Its life exists differently to the way we do, but it exists sentiently, nevertheless. And it exists on a different Time Plane than we do. You could think of the example of an ant and a human being. Human beings live so much longer than ants, and have different cares and needs. Ants, on the other hand, go about their shorter-lived daily business and, in the process, may run up the leg of a human being without even realizing they are doing just that. Nor may the human being even be aware that an ant is on their leg unless it tickles, or bites. The two species do not communicate and do not have the means to do so but, sometimes, it can be a fascinating experience to take the time to watch an ant go about its life. And, sometimes, the ant can even seem to be aware that you are watching...

Taking the time to connect ourselves to the Earth, and to its experiences, can bring to us a similar transcendental revelation. In these moments, we know that the Earth is alive and that It knows we are here, too. And we begin to realize that the cycles of the Earth's life are also reflected in our own.

The eight annual Druid rituals and festivals are all connected to the Earth. They use the seasons of the Earth's life to demonstrate the seasons of our own lives, so that we may learn to cope better. 

All Rituals are pretty much just that. They are processes we go through so that we may come to terms with our lives, and with what is required of us in the course of those lives. Rituals help us to stop asking: Why???

What follows is a basic dedication ritual that you can use or change as you want. Remember, it will not make you into a Druid, but if you go through it, it will help you focus your purpose.



SETTING UP: (back to top)   (Index )



Find a place where you won't be interrupted. Somewhere that is peaceful and quiet.
Washing your body and freshening yourself up is a way to bring respect to your ritual.

Taking a moment to focus yourself and to think about what you are about to do will help you to align with the divine energies around you and alert them to your intentions. 

It will also set up the right Harmonics to allow your Ritual to work well.

Set up an
ALTAR TABLE in the centre of the space you want to work in.


Things to set up with:


INCENSE in a holder. (Representative of  AIR/EAST)  -  Light the sticks of incense and place them to the East on the Altar. 

SALT in a container. (Representative of  EARTH/NORTH)  - Place the Salt to the North on the Altar

Bowl of WATER. (Representative of  WATER/WEST) - Place the Water to the West on the Altar

OIL LAMP/CANDLE. (Representative of   FIRE/SOUTH)  -  Light a Candle or Oil Lamp and place it to the South on the Altar. 

2 White Candles (God/Goddess)  - represent the Presence of the Mother and Father aspects of God. These go either side of the central Altar (next to the triskele/triquetra, if you have one).

Matches and plate, or gas lighter to light everything with.

Essential oil for Anointing. (Optional choices could be sandalwood, rosemary, lavender, amber, or orange)

another colored Candle (you choose the color). 

Cup of lightly salted Water (for cleansing) Place this near the bowl of Water

Libation cup and bowlPlace these near the bowl of Water (and have them filled with food and drink, ready for use)

 Wand or Druid Staff (if you have one).

a triskele or pentacle (optional)  - may be placed at the centre of the altar. (These are pagan symbols of power and the forces of life). 

crystals or minor gemstones (optional) for altar decorations

flowers/leaves (optionalfor altar decorations

Druid/Celtic or other ambient music, playing softly in background.

Reverse the salt and lamp positions in the southern hemisphere, as fire points to the line of the equator).



CREATING YOUR SACRED SPACE  (back to top)   (Index )



Take the incense and walk throughout the area which is to be used and say (with intensity of feeling and power):


"Mother/Father God, cleanse this place of negative energies.
Fill it with your life force, your love and wisdom.
Protect it and all within it from harm or negativity
As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without."


Repeat this until you feel you have covered the whole area.



CALLING THE ANGELS or POWERS   (back to top)   (Index )



Now, raise your hands in supplication, and walk to the northern edge of your sacred space, saying: 

(NOTE: You can swap the word, angels, for powers, if you wish)

"Angels of the North 

- of Earth 

- of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 

- of Pentacles, and Worldly Issues 

- of Protection, Nurturing, and Growth,
Bless my ritual and attend me here, 

Heed my words and carry them into the world, that they may be manifest, by the Laws of Right Action."

Then walk to the western edge (moving sunwise) and do the same, saying:

"Angels of the West 

- of Water 

- of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces 

- of Cups, and Issues of the Heart and Psyche 

- of Feeling, and Inspiration, and Refreshment,
Bless my ritual and attend me here, 

Heed my words and carry them into the world, that they may be manifest, by the Laws of Right Action."


Then walk to the southern edge and do the same, saying:

"Angels of the South 

- of Fire 

- of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 

- of Wands, and Issues of Creativity and Endeavour 

- of Light, and Brightness, and Love,

Bless my ritual and attend me here, 

Heed my words and carry them into the world, that they may be manifest, by the Laws of Right Action."


Then walk to the eastern edge and do the same, saying:

"Angels of the East 

- of Air 

- of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 

- of Swords, and Issues of Knowledge and Balance 

- of Intelligence, Exploration, and Union,

Bless my ritual and attend me here, 

Heed my words and carry them into the world, that they may be manifest, by the Laws of Right Action."



ANOINTING & CLEANSING   (back to top)   (Index )



Now anoint yourself in the centre of your forehead (the third eye) with essential oil and say, with intensity/power:


"This oil anoints my psychic centre so that I may communicate with the Divine more easily."

Then take up your cup of lightly salted water and say:

"I drink this Water to cleanse myself of negative energies, that I may recognize the Divinity within me without obstruction."

After you have drunk the water, walk (or visualize the movement of) a circle, to form the shape of your sacred space, (clockwise or, optionally, anti-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere - where the Sun's eastern rising aligns to one's right side when facing North), and say as you do so:

"I now leave the troubles of the mortal world and enter into the Divine Spirit within this sacred space. 

Blessed may it Be."



ENERGY RAISING   (back to top)   (Index )



Stand a while and visualize white light filling up the area your circling has created. See it circling as you have done and moving into the centre of your circle, into your altar, and into you - then out again and back into the Universe, constantly cycling. Then  return to the Altar and say:

"I stand in this sacred space to honor the Divinity within me and without me. 

I close my eyes and meditate upon the joy of Life's Spirit, building its spirals within me, 

to fill me with healing and power. 

Let this energy link me as One, as I am naturally One, 

As I have always been One, with all others, and with the Divine."


Meditate on these energies for a moment. Then, looking skyward, say:


"O Mother/Father God, answers to all Mysteries and yet, mysteries un-answered,
In this place of power I have opened myself to your Essence.
I have breathed your energies into my body - co-mingling, blending, and mixing them with mine,
So that I may see the divine in Nature, and nature in the Divine, and divinity within myself and all else.


"Make me One with your Essence.
Make me One with your Essence.
Make me One with your Essence


Breathe in the Essence of God. Let it flow through you, through your heart centre and into the centre of your sacred space.



RECITAL   (back to top)   (Index )



Next, anoint your colored candle with essential oil, (Sandalwood, optional). 


Light the candle and say:

"This flame is the representation of my Spirit, which has no name,
And so I declare my intentions to all who would witness my rite, mortal and divine,
That I will honestly and sincerely explore this spiritual Path and will honor the Divinity within me and without me.


I will always endeavour to harmoniously abide with the Earth, and its universal abode, and all life upon it and in it.


I will respect the realm of Spirit, and strive for peaceful unison in the realm of Man.


And I will respectfully keep the celebrations of life and Divinity,

so that my embodied Spirit may remember its rightful cosmic place. 


So may it Be."

Now, take your ritual Druid Staff and bless it, and speak its purpose into it. 

Pass it through the burning trails of incense (at the East), then over the Candle or Oil Lamp flame (at the South). 

Dip it into the salted water (at the West), and into the salt (at the North), and then anoint it with essential Oil (Sandalwood, optional) and say:

"I bless this Staff and enjoin it as my ritual instrument to direct the energies called and sent as I work my purpose.
So may it Be."

Now you take the Staff and, raising it, say:


"I stand in this sacred space so that my intent may be witnessed as I vow to work always with truth and with balance.


I ask for enlightenment and guidance as I follow my Path.
I ask for healing and prosperity.
I ask for love and harmony.

Sacred Angels of the North, East, South, and West - blessed realms of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water,
May we ever share harmony and peace.
These are my wWishes, so may they Be!"






Now it is time to make llibations to the divine (by drinking only some of the liquid from the libation cup, and then eating only some of the libation food.)

(The rest is left in the cup and bowl for the divine, and you will empty these on the ground for the animals and insects to eat for the divine, later)


First say:


"Mother-Father God, I thank you for the blessing of Life. 

I share with you these libations to acknowledge your graciousness and to remember that I must not take for granted what is given but must always remember to return some to the cycle of life."



RELEASING THE SPACE    (back to top)   (Index )



Then, thank Mother-Father God for witnessing your Rite by saying:


"Blessed and ancient parents, enjoined as the sacred One,
I thank you for your blessings in this life and the next.


I thank you for all the guidance and knowledge you give me, 

and all the wisdom, strength, and support of your healing love toward me.


I give thanks for all you have done for me, and with me, 

and for all you will be to me and in me as my life unfolds, on the Earth, and under the Moon and Sun.


Blessed Be, till we meet again".


Then release the angelic quarters by saying:


"I thank the sacred Angels of Eternity - from the North, the East, the South, and the West, for attending me.
May you heed my words and carry them into the Cosmos, that they may be manifest by the Laws of Right Action.
I thank you for your blessings upon me, and I bless you with the Right of my Spirit.
May your journey Home be joyous, and bring a joyous return when I call on you again.
So may it Be."


Now snuff your candles or lamp with wet fingers, and close your ritual by walking (or visualizing) the circle in the opposite direction to which you first worked it. 

As you do so, visualize the energy dissipating into Air and Earth and say:


"I disperse the energies of this circle, returning them to the cycle of Life 

- to the Divine Mind - so that my intentions may progress, and bBalance may be restored.

I send the energies of this circle on their way, though their mark will stay with me always, and their passage will be seeded in my Life.
So may it Be!"



DISPERSING THE ALTAR    (back to top)   (Index )



Finally, dismantle your altar and put away your sacred tools. 

Plant materials may be scattered on a garden, and Water and leftover libations onto the ground.

Resting peacefully a while when all is done will settle the energies within you and allow you to absorb the processes you have just set in motion.


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