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The following barely touches on the full scope of Alchemy, Hermeticism, and their related elements. 

Some parts can be sourced at Wikipedia, but many other sources have been lost since the information was gathered long ago and the search stream has dissipated. Therefore, please use whatever you see on this page with caution.  

If you know the true author of any part I would be happy to know and give credit where it is due. 


Some parts have been infused with my own thoughts and considerations or are my own writing

While today I express rituals that are more neo-druidic in form, I long ago studied Rosicrucianism and other streams of esoterica

Compiling this page has been a wonderful jog to my memory and a surprising realisation of how much of what I learned then

has carried forward to imbue all my lore. 


Some of the images on this page are also my own works, such as the Elements, the Solomon Seals, and the Seal of Aletheia.

Please be careful with any Seal you use as they are bound by real magic. Wrongful use may rebound on you.

All Seals are provided as information only, apart from my Seal of Aletheia, which I give to you to bring blessings to your life. - Lianne


*** Please be aware that there are many images on this page, which means that they may take some time to load. ***


Hand of Mysteries

The Hand of Mysteries



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Alchemy was a popular science in mediaeval times, through to the early twentieth century, and formed the basis of the modern scientific laboratory. 


It first began to flourish during the Alexandrian period (4th to 7th century AD) and continued to develop, becoming influenced by the Gnostics and by hermetic groups in the Mediterranean. It is argued that its great truths were first discovered by Hermes Trismegistros, (the thrice blessed Hermes, who was a mage in the first century), but it was not until the middle ages that alchemy became as it is known today.



Hermes Trismegistros


The scientific elements and recipes we know in modern times arose from the works and experiments of those ancient alchemists. They used chemistry in the daily practice of their art. Ancient pictures often show them in their laboratories, melting, crystallising, distilling or burning elements. 


During the Renaissance period, alchemy became so popular that its learned men (mage) were allowed to practise much of their art in plain sight, as physicians and scientists. This was the beginning of the modern fields of chemistry and medicine. Some alchemists helped create the theorem of the system of matter, that forms the basis of modern cosmology


The alchemist's laboratory

The Alchemist's Laboratory


The skills of the proponents of alchemy were such that they were known as wizards and feared by the superstitiousThis notion wasn't helped by the fact that they could create a ' Ball of Abysmal Flame ' by throwing a mixture of gold and iron dust into a fire, which would then explode.  The technocrats of old maligned alchemists as magicians and necromancers. Even the young Isaac Newton, who was hardly more than an apprentice at the time, was said to have created an intelligence increasing elixir, which he apparently used that fateful summer when he ' discovered ' the laws of mechanics and gravity. 


Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton


Alchemists became known as gold makers and frauds, and the fields of chemistry, medicine and physics diverged from association with them, just as astronomy diverged from its original association with astrology, for similar reasons of superstition and slander. 

Much of the downfall of alchemists arose from their preference for using hermetically obtuse symbolism, such as the Cabala, astrology and the Greek gods in describing their art, rather than scientific jargon. However, they were truly the founders of modern science, pursuing their projects with single-minded determination - often not stopping until they succeeded or failed. If an alchemist had an idea, he did not hesitate to test it. This led to some brilliant results, but also to the early death of many alchemists.

Similar to other streams of knowledge and opinion from ancient times, alchemists formed some ideas of the world and the cosmos that have been shown over time to be incorrect, even as they formed the foundations of scientific streams today. For instance, they corresponded the three ' worldly kingdoms ' with the three alchemical elements of salt, sulphur and mercury, declaring that each would slowly evolve into the next. 


The doctrine that accompanied alchemy had its basis in the notion that everything is evolving, that everything slowly becomes something more advanced, given time. Therefore, a child grows up to become an adult. Stones evolve into ore, which eventually evolves into metals or gems. Lead evolves into gold, given enough time. Further, metal or gems become simple plants, which become more advanced plants, which become simple animals, which evolve into higher animals, which become men, who evolve into higher, unknown levels.  


Their belief was that this evolution could be speeded up by the mage through alchemy. Their greatest notion was that the mage, by his art, could encourage the evolution of anything into even higher forms. This notion led many of them into areas of experimentation that gave rise to the modern day view of them as crackpots, and the ancient view of them as being practitioners of dark arts. The modes of alchemy, however, defined the three kingdoms of the world: mineral, plant and animal. 





Alchemists tried to understand the evolution of matter and life by taking substances apart into their components, refining these and then merging them together again. This process was thought to not only influence the substance, but also the mage


For instance, the process of transmuting lead into gold represented the transformation of an ordinary man into a mage, or a mage into an enlightened being. By mixing the proper substances, the mage thought he could change himself, and that by changing himself, matter would change. The pursuit of transmuting lead into gold was not the absurd notion of greed that often defines views of ancient alchemists today, but was an attempt to become something better.

Under alchemy, the mineral kingdom was further ruled by the seven kings: lead, tin, iron, copper, mercury, silver and gold. Since the mineral kingdom was the lowest and most fundamental kingdom, these metals were very important. The other mineral substances, like salt, sulphur, saltpetre, earth, gems and water were used in alchemical processes ruled by these metals. The alchemist slowly learned to transmute base matter into finer matter, lead into tin, tin into iron, iron into copper and so on. This was his preparation of what was known in alchemy as the Great Work.

The Great Work consisted of finding the Red Stone, also known as the Philosophers Stone or Elixir. This was known to them as not only a physical substance but also a spiritual one, that could transmute everything - lead into gold; man into mage. It represented an alchemical Ascension, where everything evolved into its highest possible state and the universe became truly complete. 

Symbolism was rife in alchemy, and everything was believed to be connected. Each organ of a patient's body was ruled by a planet and a zodiacal sign, which in turn corresponded to an element and a metal. To cure heart disease, the alchemist would use elixirs containing gold and fire. 





Every plant and animal had subtle signs telling the experienced alchemist its uses and symbolism. In healing, the mage would distil some blood from the patient with some copper-salts, and give the resulting fluid as medicine, and these acts were also seen as magical events by the populace, for better or worse, depending on whether the patient lived or died.


While stories abide of their quest to find immortality and the fountain of youth, and of attempts to create gold, consider that death and poverty are two enemies of prosperity, even today. These were not the selfish acts of dark magicians, but the aspirations of people who tried to establish betterment for the greater good.


Alchemy has always been more than just the science that exposes the building blocks of our environment. It was and is a mode encompassing deep philosophical and spiritual themes. 


Like the notion of a flat earth, many alchemical ideas are now seen to be fallacious. Yet at the time, they were the best knowledge that could be derived by man, and were signs of the ever evolving and exploring human mind. The experiments and aspirations of those ancient alchemists helped to bring about the highly advanced society we live in today.  Despite the futility of some of their efforts, we can thank those ancient experimenters for bringing us into a modern future where the cure for many diseases has already been found, and the cure for others is on its way. Who knows? Maybe they were wizards, after all.

In modern times, neo-alchemy or neo-hermeticism has become a spiritual path for many who use its tenets to reconnect with natural magick.



Paracelsus in the laboratory





Hermeticism is an esoteric tradition that is not limited to any one religion or mystical path, and embraces both the theoretical and the practical. 


There are two quite different approaches to and definitions of Hermeticism - the magickal/occult and the academic. Alchemists call their art ' Hermetic ', along with those who invoke ceremonies of metaphysical magic.  Followers of Meister Eckhart von Hochheim, Raymond Lull, Paracelsus, Jacob Boehme, and Valentin Tomberg, along with academic scholars of esoterica, all call their activities ' Hermetic '.





Although the Hermetic system has undeniably influenced Christian thought, Hermeticism has had the most powerful impact on Western culture by being unorthodox among mystical or occult traditions.  Renaissance occultism, through alchemy, astrology, ceremonial magic, and spiritual medicine, was heavily influenced by the teachings of the Hermetic books.  These teachings have been passed down, along with Gnosticism and Neoplatonism, to become a permanent element of occult knowledge in the West.  The school of Jacob Boehme, and the Rosicrucian and Masonic movements, demonstrably present Hermetic elements.


Rosicrucian Lamen

The Rosicrucian Lamen


These traditions, once tied to secret orders of initiates and their arcane truths, became more accessible to the public through the works of H.P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society in the late nineteenth century.


The Seal of the Theosophical Society

Logo of the Theosophical Society


So who was Hermes, and how did he found the philosophy or religion connected with him?  The early twentieth-century scholar Walter Scott, in his classic edition of the Hermetic texts, wrote down a legend observed by the Renaissance writer, Vergicius :

" They say that this Hermes left his own country and travelled all over the world… and that he tried to teach men to revere and worship one God alone …the demiurges and genitor [begetter] of all things …and that he lived a very wise and pious life, occupied in intellectual contemplation… and giving no heed to the gross things of the material world… and that having returned to his own country, he wrote at the time many books of mystical theology and philosophy. "

That was the best description available of this mysterious fellow until modern times.  Where he was written of elsewhere, the author was not clearly known and nor was the context of the mysteries ascribed to Hermes.  So what Vergicius wrote was really a summary of the what was known, that had been laid down in the ' Hermetic ' writings.  The early Christians held that Hermes was a great sage who lived before Moses and that he was a pious and wise man who received revelations from God that were later explained in Christianity.  He was never assigned any relation to the Greek god, Hermes.  Hermes just happened to be his name.



Hermes Trismegistus


Hermeticism (Alchemy) or the Western Hermetic Tradition is based primarily on writings falsely attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, that date back to Hellenistic Egypt and present him as a personality merged with the Egyptian god, Thoth, and the Greek god, Hermes. These philosophical and religious beliefs have since heavily influenced the Western Esoteric Tradition and were considered to be of great importance during the Renaissance period.



Hermes (Universal Wisdom) conquering Typhon (ignorance and perversion)


Modern Hermeticists don't always take such a faith-based religious approach.  Many consider Hermeticism to be a system of philosophy, only. 


In Hermetic religion , the supreme Deity, or Principle , is referred to as ' God ', ' The All ', or ' The One '. Many Hermeticists mix these beliefs and mystical concepts with those of other religions, such as Christianity , Buddhism , Judaism , mainstream Paganism , or Islam . It is understood that all great religions have equivalent mystical truths at their core , and that all religions share an understanding of esoteric tenets with Hermeticism . (See Hermetic Beliefs)


Tobias Churton, a world authority and scholar of obscure religious movements, including Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism and Gnosticism, states that "the Hermetic tradition was both moderate and flexible, offering a tolerant philosophical religion, a religion of the (omnipresent) mind, a purified perception of God, the cosmos, and the self, and much positive encouragement for the spiritual seeker, all of which the student could take anywhere ".

The three most widely known works of Hermetic beliefs are : 


The Corpus Hermeticum - sixteen books of Greek texts based on the falsely attributed writings of Hermes Trismegistus. These are apparent dialogues between Hermes and others, including a discussion between Poimandres (also known as Nous and God) and Hermes, that apparently occurred during a meditative state, and is the first time that Hermes is in contact with God . Poimandres teaches the secrets of the Universe to Hermes . Later books in the series generally have Hermes teaching others, such as Asclepius and his son Tat .

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus - a short work which coined the well known term in occult circles "As above, so below." The actual text of that maxim, translated by Dennis W. Hauck is "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing  ". The tablet also references the three parts of the wisdom of the whole universe. In it, Hermes claims that his knowledge of these three parts is why he received the name Trismegistus ( thrice great, or Ao-Ao-Ao. meaning ' greatest ' ). As the story relates, this tablet was found by Alexander the Great at Hebron , supposedly in the tomb of Hermes.


The Emerald Tablet of Thoth

The Emerald Tablet of Thoth


The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy - a book published anonymously by three people calling themselves the ' Three Initiates ', in 1912 A.D. Many of the Hermetic principles are explained in the book.

There are other works, not as well known as the three mentioned, above, that have an important place in Hermeticism and its study :

A Suggestive Inquiry into Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy , written by Mary Anne Atwood , and originally published anonymously in 1850. This book was withdrawn from circulation by the author but was reprinted after her death by her friend, Isabelle de Steiger , who was a member of the Golden Dawn. The book was used as a basis for the study of Hermeticism by the Golden Dawn , resulting in later published works by other members.

Arthur Edward Waite, member and later Head of the Golden Dawn, wrote the Hermetic Museum , and later the Hermetic Museum Restored and Enlarged . He also did the editing for Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus , that was published as a two volume set. Arthur Edward Waite was instrumental in adding the word ' Hermetic ' to the official title of the Golden Dawn .

Further, W. Wynn Westcott , a founding member of the Golden Dawn, edited a series of books on Hermeticism called the Collectanea Hermetica , published by the Theosophical Publishing Society.


Golden Dawn - Elemental Kerub - AirGolden Dawn - Elemental Kerub - EarthGolden Dawn - Elemental Kerub - FireGolden Dawn - Elemental Kerub- Water

The Elemental Kerubs of the Golden Dawn



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Why Thrice Great ? 

( The Prisca Theologia )

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Many Christian writers, including Lactantius, Augustine, Giordano Bruno, Marsilio Ficino, Campanella and Giovanni Pico della Mirandola considered Hermes Trismegistus to be a wise pagan prophet who foresaw the coming of Christianity


They believed in the ' Prisca Theologia ', a doctrine posing that a single, true, theology exists which threads through all religions and which was given by god to man in antiquity. 


First matter of heaven and earth

First Matter of Heaven and Earth


In order to demonstrate the truth of the ' Prisca Theologia ', the Christians appropriated the Hermetic teachings for their own purposes. In their account , Hermes Trismegistus was either a contemporary of Moses or the third in a line of men named Hermes - e.g. Enoch , Noah , and the Egyptian priest king who was known as Hermes Trismegistus or ' thrice great ', due to being the greatest priest, philosopher and king .

This account of how Hermes Trismegistus received the name Trismegistus , meaning ' Thrice Great ,' is derived from statements in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus , that also say he knows the three parts of the wisdom of the whole universe. The three parts of the wisdom are alchemy, astrology, and theurgy. 


Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes Trismegistus


The Divine Pymander , a book apparently written by Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus , was translated by John Everard in 1650. It was from this book that Marsilio Ficino formed his opinion, stating that " they called him Trismegistus because he was the greatest philosopher and the greatest priest and the greatest king ".

Another explanation, written in the 10th-century Byzantine encyclopedia of the ancient Mediterranean world, the Suda or Souda, is that " He was called Trismegistus on account of his praise of the trinity, saying there is only one divine nature in the trinity ".


Hermes Trismegistus and the Lights

Hermes Trismegistus and the Lights



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Alchemy The Operation of the Sun — is not simply the changing of physical lead into physical gold. It is an investigation into the spiritual constitution or the life of matter and material existence through the application of the mysteries of birth, death and resurrection. The various stages of chemical distillation and fermentation are aspects of these mysteries that are applied to quicken Nature's processes in order to bring a natural body to perfection. This perfection is the accomplishment of the Magnum opus (the Great Work).


Alchemical Tree of Life

The Hermetic Tree of Life


Astrology The Operation of the Moon Zoroaster is said by Hermes to have discovered the wisdom of astrology and taught it to man. In Hermetic thought, the movements of the planets have meaning beyond the laws of physics and actually hold a metaphorical value as symbols in the mind of The All or God. Astrology has influences upon the Earth but does not dictate our actions, and wisdom is gained when we know what these influences are and how to deal with them.


Grand Man of the Zohar

The Grand Old Man of the Zohar (J.A.Knapp)


Theurgy The Operation of the Stars — There are two different types of magic ,  that are completely opposite to each other , according to Giovanni Pico della Mirandola's work, ' Apology '. The first is the Goëtia, which is magic that forges a dominator-servitor alliance by invoking angels, or by evoking spirits or demons. (The Goëtia is also known as The Key of Solomon). The second is Theurgy, (also known as the Cabala) which is magic that invokes a symbiotic alliance with divinity such as angels, archangels, and gods 


In layman terms, Theurgy is 'low', ' or 'white' magic, and Goëtia is 'high', 'ceremonial', or 'black' magic


The first reference to Theurgy was found in the ancient Chaldean Oracles. The Jewish form of Theurgy is the Kabbalah, which was first introduced to Renaissance society by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, who merged it with concepts from Neoplatonism to form the Cabala .


Kabbalah Tree of Life

Kabbalah Tree of Life

translates to ' The Science or Art of Divine Works ' and is the practical aspect of the Hermetic art of Alchemy. Furthering this, alchemy is said to be the ' key ' to theurgy, working to obtain the ultimate goal of becoming united with higher counterparts and attaining Divine Consciousness.


The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage is both a theurgic and goetic book of magic. This book does not evoke demons to do one's bidding but describes how to summon such forces to excommunicate them from the life of the Magus. The book was considered to lead the aspirant closer to the goal of henosis, or spiritual reunion with God through a system of holy magic that aimed to discover True and Sacred Wisdom.


Theurgia - The Tetragrammaton



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Hermeticism is a belief system that says the divine ( whether that divinity is a monotheistic/one God, polytheistic/dual/multiple gods, or an eternal cosmic animating force) is on all levels and in every part of existence or non-existence. Therefore, Hermeticism is both polytheist and monistic. It believes in many Gods and One God. All Gods are One God, and vice versa.


It teaches that there is the All, or the one ' Cause ',  which we and the entire universe are part of. This includes supernatural and divine beings such as gods and angels, ascended masters and elementals, demons and spirit. Each exists in the Universe as parts of the All.


Conformed by the concepts of Neoplatonism, it explains that the spiritual Universe is a series of emanations from the One. From the One emanates the Divine Mind (Nous) and the Divine Mind emanates the World Soul (Psyche). The One is absolutely transcendent and so even in the emanations nothing of the higher is ever lost, nor is the higher transmitted to or changed by the lower emanations. In other words, God or the One is pure and always remains pure even where God is resident in the elements of the Universe that are unpure, and will never be changed by any relationships or experiences it has with those elements. The One is unassailable.

The emanations are explained as follows:

To En
(τό ἕν), The One: Deity without an assigned quality, sometimes called The Good.
(Νοῦς), Mind: The Universal consciousness, from which all proceeds
(Ψυχή), Soul: Including both individual and world soul, that lead to
(Φύσις), Nature.

is the key to Hermeticism, the goal of which is to reunite with The Divine (called henosis). This is begun initially through meditation or contemplation, and is followed by rituals involving invocation for religious and magical purpose. In this way, adepts aspire to return to Man's original place beside the Gods, where they will become endowed with the same divine responsibility of creating and preserving the cosmos.

The theurgist is educated in the scheme of things originally presented by Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, and by the Chaldaean Oracles. The work of alchemy is with physical symbols, ' like with like ' at the material or worldly level; and with mental and purely spiritual practices at the higher level of consciousness

By learning the correspondences of the divine in matter, the theurgist eventually reaches the level where the soul's inner divinity unites with The Divine.


World Tree

The Tree of the World



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The four classical elements of earth, water, air, and fire are used often in alchemy, and are alluded to several times in the Corpus Hermeticum.



The pentagram and the elements


Symbol Element of AirSymbol Element of EarthSymbol Element of FireSymbol Element of Water

The Elemental Symbols of the Quarters




The Elemental Symbols of Aristotle




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" As above, so below. " These words are used regularly by occult and magical circles, and they come from Hermetic texts. The concept was first laid out in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, in these words, " That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing ".

On the various levels of reality: physical, mental, and spiritual, what happens on one level also happens on every other level. 


This is used more in the sense of the microcosm and the macrocosm. The microcosm represents oneself or one's personal world, and the macrocosm represents all that is external to oneself or the mass universe. Even though these may appear to be different realms, the macrocosm is the same as the microcosm, and vice versa. Within each lies the other. Through understanding one ( usually the microcosm, because you have a personal relationship with it ) you can understand the other.


This wisdom can be seen in the fibonacci number sequence, in the seed and flower of life patterns, and other sacred geometry equations. It is also seen in the study of sub-atomic particles, where scientists have discovered what appears to be miniature copies of galaxies creating mirror images of our universe in sub-atomic matter. Patterns are rife throughout all reality, and by understanding the codes that shape them you can gain a greater understanding of the whole - microcosm to macrocosm.


As above, so below

The Alchemical Tree of Life Under Heaven



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There are mentions in Hermeticism about reincarnation. Hermes states:

" O son, how many bodies we have to pass through, how many bands of demons, through how many series of repetitions and cycles of the stars, before we hasten to the One alone? ".


Flower of Life Mandala

The Flower of Life



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In book nine of the Corpus Hermeticum , it is explained that Nous ( the cosmic mind or soul ) brings forth both good and evil, depending on if it receives input from God or from demons. God generates ' good ' or beneficence and consolidation, while demons generate ' evil ' or chaos and destruction


Among that generated by demons are :

" Adultery, murder, violence to one's father, sacrilege, ungodliness, strangling, suicide from a cliff and all such other demonic actions ".

This clearly shows that Hermeticism is indeed conformed by a sense of morality. However, the word ' good ' is used very strictly and only in reference to the Supreme Good, or God


It is only God (which is Supreme Good, but is not the All  ) that is completely free of evil and is therefore considered good


Men are not considered able to be good whilst they have a body, for good is naturally consumed in the physical nature, and this nature is ignorant of the Supreme Good. This does not give Man free rein to behave heinously, or to hide behind an excuse that because he is flawed he can't help himself, but it does allow mercy and forgiveness for those who have sinned because they are caught up in the human condition. The caution, here, is to remember that Man is only caught in the condition because he wears a body, and that what he chooses to do in life will also affect his Soul.

Among that which is considered extremely sinful, is an extreme focus on the bodily pleasures of material life, which is said to be the only thing that offends God:

" As processions passing in the road cannot achieve anything themselves yet still obstruct others, so these men merely process through the universe, led by the pleasures of the body ".


This is not about putting aside material things or not enjoying them, but is about being so focused on obtaining pleasure from things to the degree that there is no real value or purpose in a life apart from that focus, which means that one is wasting their life in mere display.


As well, after an explanation that God is ' the Father ' because it has authored all things, and it creates, it is stated :

" It is troublesome to oneself to have no ' children '."  


This is a symbolic description that is more about creations in general, rather than physical, biological children. Whether father or mother, one must create or do something positive in life, as the Supreme Good is a ' generative power '. 


The result of not having  ' children ' is to become imprisoned in a body that can be neither male (active) or female (thoughtful), which makes that person's life sterile and barren, unable to accomplish anything


This also reflects upon the offence God takes at those who waste their lives by focusing only on the pleasures obtained from the material realm and who do not give something back to the world. In other words, by not doing anything to return creations into the world, on whatever level that may be, large or small, we become useless elements. Creations can be thoughts, ideas, feelings, actions, or manifestations - but they must be shared to be valid.



The Androgynous One





The tale is given in the first book of the Corpus Hermeticum by God's Nous to Hermes Trismegistus after much meditation. 


It begins as the All creates the elements after seeing the Cosmos and then creating one just like it  (our Cosmos)  from its own constituent elements and souls


From there, the All , being both male (Divine Father) and female (Universal Mother), holds the Word (the logos), and gives birth to a second Nous, creator of the world. This second Nous creates seven powers or deities (often said to be Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and the Moon) to travel in circles and govern destiny. (This is the zodiacal orbits of astrology).

The Word then leaps forth from the materializing elements, which makes them unintelligent. After which, Nous makes the governors (planets) spin, and from their matter springs forth creatures without speech. Earth is then separated from Water and the animals (except Man) are brought forth from the Earth.

The Supreme Nous then creates Man, androgynous, in his own image and hands his creations over to him. Man carefully observes the creations of his brother, the lesser Nous, and receives his and his Father's authority over them all.


Man then rises up above the path of the spheres to better view the creations, and then shows the form of the ALL to Nature.


Nature falls in love with the All, and then Man, seeing a similar form to his own reflecting in the water, falls in love with Nature and wishes to dwell in it. 


Immediately Man becomes one with Nature and a slave to its limitations , such as gender and sleep. Man thus becomes speechless (for it loses the Word) and is doubled by being mortal in body but immortal in spirit, having authority of all but subject to destiny.



The Cosmic Pilgrim



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Once Hermeticism was no longer endorsed by the Christian Church it was driven underground and a number of Hermetic societies were formed. 


The Western esoteric tradition is now heavily steeped in Hermeticism. The work of such writers as Pico Della Mirandola, who attempted to reconcile Jewish Kabbalah and Christian mysticism, brought Hermeticism into a context more easily understood by Europeans during the Renaissance.

A few primarily Hermetic occult orders were founded in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. 


Hermetic magic underwent a nineteenth century revival in Western Europe, where it was practiced by people and within groups such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Aurum Solis, Ragon, Kenneth M. Mackenzie, Eliphas Lévi, Frederick Hockley, William Butler Yeats, and Arthur Machen


Many Hermetic or Hermetically influenced groups exist today, most of which are derived from the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucianism or Freemasonry.


Hermetic Brotherhood

Hermetic Silence



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Rosicrucianism is a Hermetic/Christian movement dating back to the 15th century. 


While some believed it ceased to exist during the 19th century, Rosicrucians claim that it merely became completely secret. Today, this movement consists of a secretive inner body, and a more public outer body under the direction of the inner body.

The movement is symbolized by the rose (the soul) and the cross (the body of four elements). In other words, the human soul crucified on the cross of the material plane.

The Rosicrucian Order consists of a graded system (similar to The Order of Freemasons) in which members move up in rank and gain access to more knowledge. There is no fee for advancement. Once a member is deemed able to understand the knowledge, they move on to the next grade.

There are three steps to their spiritual path: philosophy, qabbalah, and divine magic. In turn, there are three goals of the order: 1) the abolition of monarchy and the institution of rule by a philosophical elect, 2) reformation of science, philosophy, and ethics, and 3) discovery of the Panacea.

Sources dating the existence of the Rosicrucians to the 17th century are three German pamphlets: the Fama, the Confessio Fraternitatis, and Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz


Seal of Rosicrucianism



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Unlike the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was open to both sexes, and treated both as equal. 


The order was a specifically Hermetic society, teaching the arts of alchemy, qabbalah, and the magic of Hermes along with the principles of occult science

The order maintained the tightest of secrecy with severe penalties on those who spoke too freely. Overall, the general public was so oblivious to their actions and even to the existence of the Golden Dawn, that their policies were an obvious success. 


This secrecy was broken first by Aleister Crowley in 1905, and later by Israel Regardie in 1940, revealing a detailed account of the order's teachings to the general public.


ancient of days by william blake

The Ancient of Days by William Blake


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Hermetism and Hermeticism remains influential in Esoteric Christianity, especially Martinism, which is a christian focused stream of Rosicrucianism based upon the books and letters of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin


Logo of Martinism

Logo of Martinism


the crucified serpent on the material universe

The crucified serpent on the material universe



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Alchemists are considered to be the forefathers of today's modern chemistry and pharmacology. The planetary glyphs used in Astronomy and Astrology were also used as alchemical symbols until persecution for practicing ' the dark arts ' in medieval times sent alchemists underground and forced them to create their own own secret symbols. These became codes for all sorts of things from chemical reactions to philosophical tenets. 




Antimony is a semi-metal that can be powdered to make kohl which has been used in black eye make-up since the time of Ancient Egypt. It is often alloyed with lead and tin to make them harder. The metal antimony symbolizes the passion of the animal nature or the wild spirit inherent in man, and it was represented by an image of a wolf. The symbol for antimony is the same glyph used to represent uranus (originally herschel) in astrology




Arsenic is a silvery grey semi-metal which gives off a characteristic garlic smell when hit with a hammer. It was widely used by early alchemists and was sometimes represented by the image of a swan. Arsenic is highly toxic. The symbol for arsenic is similar to the glyph used to represent saturn in astrology




Although mentioned in alchemical texts the role Bismuth played in alchemical processes remains unclear. Bismuth is a soft, heavy, brittle and silvery white metal with a pinkish tinge. It is a heavy metal but is scientifically recognized as one of the safest elements. It has a low melting point and has a rare quality of expanding rather than contracting as it freezes. The symbol for bismuth is the same glyph used to represent the sign of taurus in astrology




Copper was one of the first metals to be used by humans. It is the most easily recognized of all metals because of it’s a warm reddish gold color. Copper is a transition metal. It is soft, easily bent and it is a good conductor of electricity. It is one of the seven metals of alchemy (gold, silver, mercury, copper, lead, iron and tin). The symbol for copper is the same glyph used to represent venus in astrology




Some of the world’s oldest metal artefacts are gold. It is instantly recognizable by its shiny and gold color. Gold is one of the seven metals of alchemy (gold, silver, mercury, copper, lead, iron and tin). For the alchemist it represents the perfection of all matter on any level, including that of mind, body, spirit, and soul. The symbol for gold is the same glyph used to represent the sun in astrology




The Earth’s core is made of molten iron which gives rise to the earth’s magnetic field. The most common iron ores are hematite and magnetite. These vary in color - grey, yellow, purple, and red. Hematite gets its name from the Ancient Greek word for blood because of its reddish streak. Iron is combined with sulphur to form pyrite, and with arsenic to form arsenopyrite and lollengite. It is one of the seven metals of alchemy (gold, silver, mercury, copper, lead, iron and tin). The symbol for iron is the same as the glyph that represents the planet mars in astrology




Soft and malleable lead is one of the oldest known metals. Its ease of extraction and desirable properties have made it useful to humans since at 5000 BC. The Roman baths at Bath were lined with lead and fed by lead pipes from hot mineral springs. Galena is the most important lead ore. It has high density cube shaped grey crystals which makes its one of the easiest minerals to identify. Lead is the first and oldest of the seven metals of alchemy (gold, silver, mercury, copper, lead, iron & tin). The symbol for lead is the same as the glyph that represents the planet saturn in astrology




An alkaline earth metal that is highly solubile in water, magnesium is abundant in the Earth's crust and throughout the known universe. This abundance is because it easily builds up in supernova stars. The free metal burns with a brilliant-white light, making it a useful ingredient for producing flares. Alchemists used 'Magnesia alba' (white magnesia) which was magnesium carbonate (MgCO3), also known as 'mild magnesian earth'.




Mercury occurs throughout the world as cinnabar (mercuric sulfide). Vermilion is pure mercuric sulfide and is obtained by a reaction of cinnabar with sulfur. Once called quicksilver, it was used to make red mercuric oxide by heating in a solution of nitric acid, producing a thick red vapor on the surface and bright red crystals on the bottom. Alchemists believed mercury transcended both the solid and liquid states, earth and heaven, life and death. It is one of the seven metals of alchemy (gold, silver, mercury, copper, lead, iron and tin). The symbol for mercury is the same as the glyph for the planet mercury in astrology. The metal is often represented by a serpent.




Elemental white phosphorus is highly reactive, emitting a faint glow when exposed to oxygen. Its name means ' light-bearer ' (or Lucifer), in reference to the morning star, the planet Venus. Phosphorescence is to glow after illumination. This element is essential for life, and is a component of DNA, RNA, ATP, and the phospholipids that form cell membranes. Alchemists used light as a symbol of the spirit, so phosphorus represented a way to release spirit from matter or for spirit to transcend the entrapment of material existence. The symbol for phosphorus is the same glyph used to represent vulkanus in modern uranian astrology




Platinum derives its name from the Spanish term platina, which iterally translates to ' little silver '. It is a dense, malleable, ductile, precious, grey-white transition metal. Platinum is one of the rarest elements in the Earth's crust and is generally non-reactive. It has a remarkable resistance to corrosion even at high temperatures and is considered to be a noble metal, meaning that it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation, unlike base metals. Alchemists believed platinum to be an amalgamation of gold and silver, bringing together the qualities of the Lights - the Sun and the Moon. The symbol for phosphorus is the same glyph used to represent uranus (originally herschel) in modern astrology




Potash (potassium carbonate) was widely used in alchemical processes. It is a white salt that is soluble in water, forming a strongly alkaline solution. It is deliquescent, often appearing as a damp or wet solid. It is the primary component of potash and the more refined pearl ash or salts of tartar. It was used to dry alcohols before distillation, and in gunpowder to provide a stable source of energy. 




Silver is a soft, white, lustrous transition metal, that possesses the highest electrical conductivity of any element and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal. Silver is one of the seven metals of alchemy (gold, silver, mercury, copper, lead, iron and tin). The symbol for silver is the same as the glyph for the moon in astrology




Sulfur was used in ancient India, Greece, China and Egypt. Fumes from burning sulfur were used as fumigants and sulfur-containing medicinal mixtures were used as balms and antiparasitics. Sulfur is referred to in the Bible as brimstone (or burn stone in English). Chemically, sulfur can react as either an oxidant or reducing agent. It was widely used in alchemical practice and is one of the three heavenly substances (sulfur, mercury and salt). These defined the Three Stages of Awareness - SALT or TAMAS - ignorance and inertia: man asleep; SULFUR or RAJAS - passion and movement: man in action; MERCURY or SATTVA - goodness, wisdom and rhythm: man harmonious.




Tin is one of the few metals which has been used and traded by humans for more than 5000 years. It has a low melting point, malleability (ability to be shaped easily), resistance to corrosion and fatigue, the ability to alloy with other metals, and is non-toxic. It is combined with copper to make bronze, and was also used to coat or ‘plate’ other metals to help protect surfaces from rust and corrosion. Tin is one of the seven metals of alchemy (gold, silver, mercury, copper, lead, iron and tin). The symbol for tin is the same as the glyph for the planet jupiter in astrology




Zinc is a blue grey, brittle metal used to coat iron and steel to stop rusting. It makes useful alloys such as brass, an alloy of zinc and copper. Zinc alloyed with lead and tin makes solder, a metal with a low melting point used to join electrical components and metals. Zinc is  found in the human body and is vital for biological functions such as disease resistance, wound healing, digestion, reproduction, growth, diabetes control, taste and smell. Philosophers' wool or nix alba (white snow) was zinc oxide, formed by burning zinc during alchemy rituals and collecting the residue of white woolly tufts.


The All Seeing Eye by Lilipily Spirit

The All Seeing Eye by Lilipily Spirit



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The Story:

King Solomon was the son and heir of King David and his mistress Bathsheba (1033 – 975 B.C). His father ruled for 40 years and then Solomon ruled for another forty years, building the Lord's Temple and establishing Jerusalem as a city of justice and peace. His name reflected the original name of the city, Shalem


Solomon is said to have had both ' wisdom and knowledge ,' which is usually taken to mean he governed wisely, distinguished morally between good and evil, and had a thorough understanding of the universe. He was also instructed in how to create the Seal by an angel of the Lord. It was believed this monarch magician could speak the language of animals and spirits, and evoked the spirit world to serve mankind in any fair and benevolent goals.

The legend of King Solomon's Seal is common to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It comes from the wondrous signet ring he wore, the design of which symbolised someone whose base was on the ground and whose tip reached heaven, enabling a harmony of opposites, and with manifold significance. This design reflected cosmic order, the skies, the movement of the stars in their spheres, the perpetual flow between heaven and earth, and the elements of air and fire. The Seal, therefore, symbolised super-human wisdom and a rule that was by divine grace.

The Magic:

The true essence of a Seal of Solomon links science, beauty and metaphysics, with elements of medicine and magic, astronomy and astrology, and traditional cosmology with religion. Over time, these mystical Seals have become valued as an essential feature of kabbalistic magic and used in many occult streams. 


Not belonging to any one religion these Seals symbolize a harmony of opposites. The Seals combine Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Arabic phrases, astrological and geometric symbols. However, the nature of many of them is somewhat obscure because the letters and markings on them can't be clarified. Only those metaphysicians who can tap into their energy have the ability to understand and define their true effect. 


The Seals of Solomon are well known in spiritual communities as sources of great wisdom and power but, like most tools of magic, they must be used carefully, and aligned to one's own beliefs, knowledge, and understanding. They will achieve effect accordingly.

To use a Solomon Seal, you need only wear it or place it where you can regularly see it. The Seal is a request direct from you to the Angels to come help you in a specific task. The Angels answer this request in the same way they answer prayers, because it is in their nature to give help when you call on them - only with a Seal, you needn't define your prayer. It's like a standardised symbolism for particular types of requests.

While alchemists of old once used these Seals to command supernatural or divine entities to serve them, the Seals (by themselves) do not bind, enslave, or command any angel or spirit to a task


Without the additional focus of intention and ritual supplied by those alchemists, they simply call on the natural inclinations of angels and spirits to help you out. So it is wise to keep this in mind when using these tools to ask for that help, because angels and spirits can feel put upon if disrespected, and may take further action to teach the unwary correct behavior if they overstep the mark with their demands


Respect is a two way street. Be grateful for what you receive, and your patron will enjoy working with you.  

It is natural for an angel to see our potentials, that could become manifest if only certain obstacles were cleared from our lives. However, whilst they often hang around and watch over us, they will not step in to help unless we ask for help in some way, just because it is our right to learn our life's lessons in whatever way we will


These Seals enable us to ask for that help - like putting out an SOS signal that acts as a beacon for helpers to come our way and bring us to safe harbours. And there's the key to their use - use them only when there's a real crisis, and don't put send off an SOS when all is relatively well in your world. Even angels can get feisty when they're called upon for no good reason.

The History:

Past references to the Seals of Solomon can be found in the books of the Arabian Nights, where an evil jinn is imprisoned in a bottle for 1800 years by one of these Seals stamped in lead. 


In mediaeval books, including the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, many more than one daemon was sealed in the bottle. 


In some stories, these Seals were made of brass and iron, carved with the Name of God, and set with four jewels. In others, they bore the Star of David (a hexagram) within a circle, usually with two interlaced triangles. Often, the gaps are filled with dots or other symbols. 


In yet other stories, the Seals are pentagrams or other more complicated figures. Works on daemonology typically depict the general pattern of these seals as being two concentric circles, with a number of mystical sigils between the inner and outer circles, and various more-or-less complex geometric shapes within the inner circle.

In alchemy, the combination of the fire and water symbols (up and down triangles) is known as the Seal of Solomon. The symbol is representative of the combination of opposites and transmutation


By combining the alchemical symbol for fire (upwards triangle) and water (downwards triangle), the alchemical symbol for earth and air are also created. The downwards facing triangle is divided along the center by the base line of the opposite triangle. This is the alchemical symbol for earth. Conversely, the upwards triangle divided by the base line of the downwards triangle is the alchemical symbol for air


The Seal of Solomon is all that is unified in perfect balance - the Spirit Wheel.

Today, the Seal hexagram is known as the ' Star of David ' or the ' Magen ' and has become a definitive symbol of Judaism


In Europe, the Seal pentagram is usually known as King Solomon's Seal, while the hexagram is known as the Star of David. However, both motifs have been used by different religions. 


The mystic, Professor Gershom Scholem, a noted scholar of the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) studied the hexagram and its entry into Judaism from Islamic traditions. In a series of articles on the Star of David and its history, Scholem made the following claims: 


a) The hexagram is a universal symbol, whose Jewish associations developed gradually. It began as the symbol of the Jewish community in Prague, probably in the 14th century, though it might have been only in the 17th century. It was recognized as the symbol of the Jews as a whole in the 19th century. 


b) Several Jewish and Christian examples of the hexagram and other decorative motifs, exist from the ancient period and later on in Islamic art. In the 13th century, the motif was passed from copies of the Bible, which had been transcribed in Islamic countries, to Hebrew manuscripts in Germany and Spain. In Spain, until the 13th century, the hexagram was known as King Solomon's Seal by the Jews; from the 13th until the 15th century, both names were used simultaneously. It was only later that the term Star of David gradually became dominant in Ashkenazi communities, while King Solomon's Seal became identified with the pentagram


c) The hexagram or the pentagram appear first on ' magic ' mezuzot (doorpost scrolls) and later on various talismans in literature. The magic drawings of the hexagram and the pentagram were known as seals, in keeping with the idea that a person ' stamps himself ' with these signs in order to protect himself from harmful spirits. This term is connected to the legend of King Solomon who controlled the spirits by means of a special signet ring on which was engraved the Tetragrammaton

The Note:

When we are compromised in some way, the breakdown flows into other areas, e.g. physical compromise flows into the realm of the mental/emotional ; emotional compromise flows into the realm of the physical/mental ; and mental compromise flows into the realm of the physical/emotional . But the flow is two way, so if we can retain our integrity in the areas that weren't initially compromised, then integrity on all levels can be restored


Thus, if compromised physically, and we retain mental/emotional integrity, we can regain our health

If compromised emotionally, and we retain our good health and mental focus, we can regain our harmony

If compromised mentally, and we retain our good health and emotional harmony, we can regain our focus


These Seals are a form of ceremonial ritual, acting as beacons to call the angels to help us out in achieving that integrity


In all aspects, they are about enabling us to reduce the obstacles and hindrances in our lives so that we can reach our fullest potentials


They are not about greed or payback, but are about healing, on all levels

They are not to be used without real purpose, nor without respect.  


The angels who help us are not bound to serve us, but come to the call of these beacons because it is their inclination to do so. 

Their aid should be respected.  


People who put out an SOS in an act of whimsy will have the ' authorities ' tell them off... :-)  


These Seals have been created with intent to activate their energies and angelic beacons for your special blessing


The Seal images have been created as a ' carving ' on pictures of polished Amber gemstone. Amber is a traditional metaphysical tool used by shamans and metaphysical healers to ensure safety when dealing with cosmic energies. Buddhist talismans are often carved in Amber as it activates the prayers embedded in it  and protects those prayers from being disrupted by negative energies


In these images, the Seal was created over other layers, inclusive of an all seeing eye, and a flower of life sacred geometry mandala

These cannot be seen in the images but were layered beneath the top level, to further instil cosmic energies  to ensure the prayer is encoded and seen  by those who will manifest it. 


These images are artwork collages


To use them, keep them where you can look at them whenever you feel you need the sort of energy they call into your life

Just look at them and let the energies you feel from the image resonate in you - it may take only a moment. 

The rest will take care of itself. 


The images can be displayed whenever you want to call these energies to yourself. 

Don't display them when you don't need their effect or an imbalance may be encouraged in your life that may be detrimental

Only display them while the need is current


Except for the 5th Pentacle of Venus , the Seals should not be displayed in a prominent way. Others should not be able to easily notice them. So only display these images where you are mostly the only one to see them. 


E.g., view the Seal you have chosen to use in a window on your computer screen, but reduce the window when someone else is nearby

Or if you have a drawn or printed version of a seal, keep it in a drawer or pouch where it is hidden until you need to refresh your view.


(While we have displayed a selection of eight Seals on this site, we have deliberately focused their intention to provide help to those who take them for personal use. The Solomon Seals on this page will not be active for us, but for you, if one ' speaks ' to you when you view it, and for your purposes, if you download it).


Right Click to Download these Seals to your computer  for Personal Use, only

Do not redistribute these seals in any form, printed or otherwise.  


*** These Seals are copyright by Lilipily Spirit. ***

The 44 Seals:  


The seal images mostly found on the net today are original drawings by John Dee and other alchemists from a similar age in history. 


We have not provided any of those drawings in their original state on this site because in our estimation they were created with wrongful intention. E.g., a dominator/servitor alliance was forged by the creator of the seal to have control over the entities called to help manifest the seal's intentions.


We believe that forging this sort of alliance is disrespectful  and will cause harmful effect if the seal is somehow broken.


While we have used the original drawings in forming the collages  we have provided here for you to use, we have reconformed them with our own intentions  in the construction process to remove the dominator/servitor alliance and replace it with an earnest plea for assistance.


Contrary to superstitious propaganda, the entities who serve the seals do not have malign agendas to fulfil but really do enjoy helping us live and achieve better lives where they see fit. Asking for their help is no different to asking for help and blessings from those such as Buddha or Jesus, who we naturally believe are inclined to help because they are centered in goodness. These entities, on whatever level of existence they derive from, are all elements of the One, too, and belong to the mind of God


However, some of the entities called to the seals may be prone to ego and emotions, just like we humans, and therefore should be liaised with the same respect you should normally give to others you ask for help. 


If you decide to seek out the original seal images and use them for the purposes described in the list, below, we do not take any responsibility for the repercussions that may ensue from the divine or supernatural realm.


We provide our own reconstructed images in good faith, but do not take responsibility for what you do with or receive from them, either.


However, so long as the seal is used only for good purpose and with respect and rightful intention, there should be no repercussions to deal with.


Seals do not need to forge a slavery of entities in order to be effective.


(This list is provided for your edifice. We have not re-created all these seals but only the eight we feel mostly cover all else. The names of those we have re-created are blocked in color).

01 1st Pentacle of Jupiter

For acquiring prosperity and for gaining business. 

Recommended for success in business.

02 2nd  Pentacle of Jupiter

For acquiring glory, honors, riches, tranquillity of mind, and peace.

 Recommended for enjoying the fruits of your success without repercussion.

03 3rd Pentacle of Jupiter

For defending and protecting against any enemy or evil spirits which may linger near one's person or home. 

Recommended for those feeling menaced and under threat. 

04 4th Pentacle of Jupiter

For acquiring wealth and honor. 

Recommended for those who want a position of acclaim in the world. 

05 5th Pentacle of Jupiter

For assuring visions and assisting the ability of prophecy. 

Recommended for those who want spiritual guidance to aid their decisions. 

06 6th Pentacle of Jupiter

For protection from all earthly dangers. 

Recommended for those who feel generally unsafe in the world. 

07 7th Pentacle of Jupiter

For overcoming poverty.

Recommended for those who are experiencing dearth or who fear it.  

08 1st Pentacle of Mars

For physical manifestation, for the energy and courage to meet one's ambitions with enthusiasm and accomplish them.

Recommended for those who need to get things done but have trouble meeting the necessary tasks. 

09 2nd Pentacle of Mars

For great success working against all kinds of disease and pain, especially when it is applied to afflicted parts.

Recommended for those are involved in healing work. 

10 3rd Pentacle of Mars

For resisting one's enemies and for exciting wrath, discord and hostility between them.

Recommended for those who have been badly affected by impositions from those who wish ill on them and for ensuring that one's enemies cannot find the energy to ply further on such tasks. 

11 4th Pentacle of Mars

For victory or vindication in an argument or battle.

Recommended for those undergoing legal battles and for serious negotiations of any kind.

12 5th Pentacle of Mars

For causing others to obey the wishes of the possessor.

Recommended for parents of unruly children and superiors having difficulty with subordinates. Also protects from negative energies and transforms them into positive ones. 

13 6th Pentacle of Mars

For general protection, and to turn assaults made upon one against the attacker.

Recommended for personal security and for teaching a lesson to those who have behaved badly. 

14 7th Pentacle of Mars

For pronouncing the Divine Names of El and Yiai to confuse one's enemies. Brings divine protection against all evil.

Recommended for those under serious attack by others and needing an intervention to prevent further attacks.

15 1st Pentacle of Mercury

For conveying personal magnetism upon the owner.

Recommended for those who feel that they are always being ignored or that others aren't interested in them. 

16 2nd Pentacle of Mercury

For gaining the impossible, granting dreams and wishes contrary to the order of nature.

Recommended for those in need of a serious miracle.

17 3rd Pentacle of Mercury

For influencing the written word, making one eloquent in letters, papers, or any writing.

Recommended for anyone wishing to impress others with their literary skills, and is particularly good for poets, authors, and written correspondence.

18 4th Pentacle of Mercury

For assistance in gaining knowledge and understanding in all things, and to penetrate the hidden thoughts of others.

Recommended for those who want to get a handle on life, and who want to get to the bottom of things. 

19 5th Pentacle of Mercury

For opening doors of any kind, with no resistance or defeat.

Recommended for those who need all barriers removed. 

20 1st Pentacle of the Moon

For opening all doors and locks, no matter in what way they are fastened. Creates new avenues.

Recommended for those who have come up against a ' brick wall ' and need an alternative path for progress to continue. 

21 2nd Pentacle of the Moon

For calming, and protecting against natural phenomena such as electrical storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornados.

Recommended for those undergoing severe natural crisis or who live in an area prone to natural crisis, to give them strength and courage. 

22 3rd Pentacle of the Moon

For protecting against all dangers of travel, all attacks by night, and every danger from water.

Recommended for those who feel insecure in nebulous and changeable situations. Also for those who are traversing spirit realms, to enable safe passage. 

23 4th Pentacle of the Moon

For defending from all evil, and from any injury to body or soul.

Recommended for those who desire cosmic protection from harm. 

24 5th Pentacle of the Moon

For peaceful sleep, protection against restless sleep or nightmares, and obtaining answers to questions or problems through dreams.

Recommended for those whose troubles keep them awake at night. 

25 6th Pentacle of the Moon

For bringing rain.

Recommended for those whose environments are ravaged by a lack of rain or drought. 

26 1st Pentacle of Saturn

For compelling others to comply with the possessor's wishes and requests.

Recommended for parents of unruly children, and for superiors having difficulty with subordinates. Also for those who need things to go their way in difficult negotiations. 

27 2nd Pentacle of Saturn

For meeting with adversaries in business or competitions of any kind.

Recommended for those entering into difficult challenges.  It should be carried when looking for work or negotiating any financial contracts.

28 3rd Pentacle of Saturn

For protection against any plots made by others and for defence against evil spirits.

Recommended for those who are a victim of gossip, slander, defamation, and vendettas. 

29 4th Pentacle of Saturn

For bringing good news to the possessor.

Recommended for those who are in need of a ' ray of light. ' 

30 5th Pentacle of Saturn

For protecting the home and guarding all treasures and possessions one may own.

Recommended for those who feel unsafe in their environment or fear that their precious possessions may be at risk. 

31 6th Pentacle of Saturn

For protecting against enemies and negative forces.

Recommended for those who are under serious attack by the negative energies and actions of others. If the possessor pronounces their enemy's name to the seal, they will be prevented from maintaining their attack. 

32 7th Pentacle of Saturn

For making others listen in awe to the words of the possessor.

Recommended for those who want to be taken seriously, and with respect, by others. 

33 1st Pentacle of the Sun

For bringing the possessor all things they may desire by calling on the beneficence of El Shaddai.

Recommended for those who want their positive dreams, wishes, and desires to come true, inclusive of attracting desirable personal possessions. Be warned that such blessings will only become manifest by the Laws of Right Action. 

34 2nd Pentacle of the Sun

For repressing the pride and arrogance of those who oppose the possessor's wishes and plans.

Recommended for those who are imposed upon by the ideas and actions of others who are biased against them and what they stand for.

35 3rd Pentacle of the Sun

For attracting renown, glory and riches.

Recommended for those who want to be someone important in the world. 

36 4th Pentacle of the Sun

For enabling the possessor to see others as they really are, not as they pretend to be.

Recommended for those who are having trouble knowing who their real friends are and who are the ones to watch out for. When the seal is in the vicinity of friend of foe, their true thoughts and secret heart will be revealed. 

37 5th Pentacle of the Sun

For developing the imagination and creativity, as well as for gaining a deeper understanding. Also enables psychic trance journeys and astral travel.

Recommended for anyone  involved in meditational experiences, shamanism, and who need further enlightenment. 

38 6th Pentacle of the Sun

For inspiring hidden compassion, and for enabling one to not be noticed by others when one doesn't want to be noticed.

Recommended for those who are feeling detached from others, and are suffering from apathy, and for those in the spotlight who need respite. 

39 7th Pentacle of the Sun

For releasing one from prisons, opening all locks and breaking all fetters which bind.

Recommended for those who are repressed, suppressed, or oppressed, so that they can freely express themselves and live their lives to the full. 

40 1st Pentacle of Venus

For bringing friendships to the possessor.

Recommended for those who feel a lack of friends, intimate conversations, and social activity in their lives. 

41 2nd Pentacle of Venus

For obtaining grace and honor, and for accomplishing all desires in matters of the heart.

Recommended for those who have big aspirations to achieve wonderful things in the world. 

42 3rd Pentacle of Venus

For attracting love, respect, and admiration.

Recommended for those who feel they have not been given their due b others.

43 4th Pentacle of Venus

For helping to bring a loved one from far away.

Recommended for those lonely souls who are missing their nearest and dearest due to the obstacles of circumstance or distance. 

44 5th Pentacle of Jupiter

For exciting great passion and desire when shown to another.

Recommended for those who want to inspire energy and enthusiasm from others in creative ventures and projects, and also in the bedroom.

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(Please note that the seals are png images with transparent backgrounds. If printed, they will be flawed. They are mainly meant to be used as icons on your computer).


Solomon Seal by Lilipily Spirit -1st Pentacle of Jupiter

King Solomon Seal for Wealth and Prosperity


First Pentacle of Jupiter - a talisman for acquiring treasure and prosperity, and for gaining business success, honors, dignity, peace of mind, good health and wealth. It is recommended for achieving great success in money matters, in growing a business, and in creating real financial security for its owner. 


The seal is an eight armed cross, with the mystical symbols of Jupiter at the end of each arm. Around the edge, in Hebrew, are the names of the four angels called to the aid of those who bear this seal: Netoniel, Devecia, Tzedeqiah, and Parasiel


(Be warned that this seal demands sympathy, empathy, and consideration for those you meet on the path to wealth or there may be an unexpected price to pay for your success). 

Solomon Seal by Lilipily Spirit -1st Pentacle of Mars

King Solomon Seal for Physical Energy and Accomplishment

First Pentacle of Mars - a talisman for gaining courage, ambition, enthusiasm, and for all physical manifestation and accomplishment. Enables one to find the energy to meet one's goals with enthusiasm and accomplish them. 

Recommended for those who need to get things done but are having trouble meeting the tasks necessary to achieve them.

The seal is an eight armed cross, with the mystical symbols of Mars at the end of each arm. Around the edge, in Hebrew, are the names of the four angels called to the aid of those who bear this seal: Madimiel, Bartzachiah, Eschiel, and Ithuriel.

(Be warned to use this seal only when a boost to energy and accomplishment is absolutely necessary. Constant use of this seal can enact overexertion and result in exhaustion).

Solomon Seal by Lilipily Spirit - 2nd Pentacle of Mars

King Solomon Seal for Health and Protection Against Disease and Pain

Second Pentacle of Mars - a talisman for good health and healing, said to serve against all kinds of disease and pain. 

Recommended for those who are involved in healing work. Believed to provide forceful protection for the sick and ailing, counteracting diseases and afflictions. Old traditions also relate this seal to honor and courage.

The seal is a Magen ( Star of David ) encircled by a double bordered circle. In the middle of each of the points is written the Hebrew letter ‘ Heh ’ (‘H’). Within the same points are the names IHVH, IHShVH ( Yeheshuah, the mystic Hebrew name for Joshua or Jesus ), and Elohim. In the middle hexagram at the top is written the word ‘Yud-Hey-yud-vav-heh’, which is similar to Yehovah (‘Jehovah’), though it is read ‘ Yehi-Va ’. On the bottom of the hexagram is written the word ‘ Elohim ’ (God). Connecting these words are written the three letters ‘ Heh-Sheen-Vav. At the top of the outer circle is a smaller Magen and around the circle is written : “ In which there was life and life was the light of men ". 

(Be warned that using this seal when you are not ailing may overburden your body with excessive alertness and activity, leading to exhaustion and illness).

Solomon Seal by Lilipily Spirit -1st Pentacle of Mercury

King Solomon Seal for Personal Attraction

First Pentacle of Mercury - a talisman for conveying personal magnetism upon the owner. 

Recommended for those who feel that they are always being ignored or that others aren't interested in them.

The image is a pentagram, with Hebrew letters forming the names of the elemental Earth spirits called to the aid of those who bear this sealYekahel and Agiel.

(Be warned that this seal will attract others to you, but unless you have self-confidence that attraction may be short-lived).

Solomon Seal by Lilipily Spirit -1st Pentacle of The Moon

King Solomon Seal for Restoring Progress


First Pentacle of the Moon - a talisman to gain help in opening all doors (both otherwordly and literal physical doors) and locks, no matter what way they are fastened, and for removing obstacles, both physical and spiritual ones, (like the obstacles created by the ' Evil Eye '). Creates new avenues.


Recommended for those who have come up against a ' brick wall ' and need an alternative path to enable progress to continue. The seal needs to be kept near to one’s body. Old traditions relate to this seal with travels, missions and navigation (particularly sea voyages), reconciliation, and love.


The seal is a hieroglyphic representation of a door or gate. In the center is written the name IHVH (Tetragrammaton). On the right hand are the names IHV, IHVH, AL and IHH. On the left hand are the names of the four angels called to the aid of those who bear this seal: Schioel, Vaol, Yashiel, and Vehiel.  


(Be warned that using this seal to force progress or passage where you are ill-equipped or unprepared for the journey, or for what may be revealed, may result in setbacks). 

Solomon Seal by Lilipily Spirit -1st Pentacle of Saturn

King Solomon Seal for Command and Obedience

First Pentacle of Saturn - a talisman for compelling others to submit to the possessor's wishes and requests. 

Recommended for parents who need to subdue unruly children, and superiors having difficulty with subordinates. Also for those who need things to go their way in difficult negotiations.

The seal is composed of Hebrew letters within a square giving the four great Names of God, which are written with four letters: YHVH (Yod, Heh, Vau, Heh - The Tetragrammaton); ADNI (Adonai); IIAI (Yiai - this Name has the same numerical value as the name EL); and AHIH (Eheieh).


(Be warned that using this seal to commit crimes upon others will result in retribution. Use it carefully).

Solomon Seal by Lilipily Spirit -1st Pentacle of The Sun

King Solomon Seal of Blessings

First Pentacle of The Sun - the 'El Shaddai' talisman brings the possessor all things they may desire, by gaining the assistance of the Great Divine Power of Metatron, [the Shaddai, or Face of God]. Metatron is the most powerful of archangels. The ' El Shaddai' is said to bring the possessor all things they may desire. 

Recommended for those who want their positive dreams, wishes and desires to come true, inclusive of attracting desirable personal possessions, but will only become manifest by the laws of Right Action. Also used when employing Magic - to have mastery over all creatures, and the reverence of angels and spirits.

The seal represents the Face of God, the great angel Methraton or Metatron, known as the Prince of Countenances. On the outer circle, the inscription reads : " Behold His face and form by whom all things were made, and Whom all creatures obey. " This seal calls on no other angels other than Metatron or El Shaddai. 


(Be warned that using this seal will invoke the law of universal balance. Be careful what you wish for, and be aware of the sacrifices or compromises that may become necessary to attain what you desire).

Solomon Seal by Lilipily Spirit -1st Pentacle of Venus

King Solomon Seal of Friendship and Love

First Pentacle of Venus - a talisman for bringing friendship and amicable love to the possessor. 

Recommended for those who feel a lack of friends, intimate conversations, and social activity in their lives.

The seal is an eight armed cross, with the mystical symbols of Venus at the end of each arm. On the outer circle, in Hebrew, are the names of the four angels called to the aid of those who bear this seal: Nogahiel, Acheliah, Socodiah (or Socohiah) and Nangariel.

(Be warned that using this seal will not make someone love you, nor will it keep people in your life if you do not reciprocate their appreciation or affection. It is meant to give you the opportunity to make friends and socialise. What you do with that opportunity is up to you)


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© Lilipily Spirit 2012


This Seal has been especially created by Lilipily Spirit as a talismanic amulet to protect you on your journey through life, with the best angelic guidance possible.


***You have permission to (right click-save) download this Seal for personal use, only. It must not be redistributed to others in any form, printed or electronic, nor copied to any other machine than the one it is downloaded to. You are not given permission to print, copy, or distribute this Seal in any way. The Seal is an original artwork by Lilipily Spirit, and L.O.Hennig, and this artwork and all ideas and words upon it are covered by all laws of intellectual property and artistic copyright.***


This Seal is also available for purchase on the Lilipily Spirit website as a wall or vehicle vinyl art sticker, and as a small wall poster.

There are many symbols and languages we could have used to create this Seal, but these are the forms that we use the most and are most comfortable with. This means that the energy contained within the Seal will continue to work as we meant it to work. Our intention in creating the Seal of Aletheia is to embody a prayer that calls divine energies to work with you toward your nurturance and the nurturance of those you come in contact with.

The name of Aletheia comes from an ancient Greek goddess who was known for her capacity for Truth, in its clearest and most direct form. This Seal is thus named to encourage the attainment of what is real, truthful, possible, and probable, and to only manifest those elements that pertain to these modes.

The yellow outer circle of the Seal contains the names of four Archangels, written in Theban Sigils.
At the top is the Archangel Raphael, the Guardian of the North, whose Element is Fire.
At the right is the name of the Archangel Michael, the Guardian of the East, whose Element is Air.
At the south is the name of the Archangel Uriel, the Guardian of the South, whose Element is Earth.
At the left is the name of the Archangel Gabriel, the Guardian of the West, whose Element is Water.

Between these angelic names are the four most powerful names of God, known in Kabbalah, and written in Hebrew

These are: 

ALH, or Eloah, at the North-West.
ALIVN, or Elion, at the North-East.
AHIH or Eheieh, at the South-East.
IHVH or Tetragrammaton, at the South-West.

In the blue area inside the Seal is a purple Pentacle and green Circle - purple to represent mysticism and the occult, and green to represent connection with life on Earth.

Each point on the Pentacle has an Elemental Alchemy Symbol - Air on the right, Water on the left, Earth on the lower left, and Fire on the lower right.
At the uppermost point of the Pentacle, an ancient lunar goddess opens her arms to the heavens - in her belly is the ring of spirit, depicted in green for nourishment.

At either side of the uppermost point of the Pentacle are the Eyes of Horus.
The eye on the left (the Right Eye of Horus) is from the Egyptian god, Ra, and is associated with worldly Honour and Distinction.
The eye on the right (the Left Eye of Horus) is from the Egyptian god, Thoth, and is associated with metaphysical and magical power and wisdom.

Below the eye of Horus-Ra is a symbol of the Vedic elephantine god, Ganesha - who brings blessings, beneficence, good luck, and harmony into one's life.
Next to Ganesha is a trident belonging to his father, the Vedic god, Shiva - who dreams our lives into existence, and who has power over life and death, creation and destruction.

Below the eye of Horus-Thoth is the symbol of the Aum or Om, the Word or Sound of God as it creates the universe we live in, and which energises our life force.

Inside the uppermost point of the Pentacle is a symbol of Infinity, representing the eternal knot of all life, persistently cycling.
In the centre of the Pentacle is the Celtic symbol of the Triskele, representing the three elemental arms from which all existence is created - earth, air, and water, eternally circling around the Anam Cara, or spiritual Fire, at its hub.

Beneath the Pentacle, between its lower points, is the Egyptian symbol of an Ankh - associated with the bountiful energies of life and its endless renewal.
At the feet of the Ankh is a white lotus lily, symbolic of transcendance through nurturance in the mud and mire of existence, to reach a state of divine blessing.

On each point of the Pentacle, specific words create a talisman of great import. These are joy, harmony, balance, compassion, sympathy, life, energy, connection, love, faith, prosperity, respect, trust, spirit, and serenity. Binding them in the green circle is this sentence: In the mind of the divine we are all as one.

In the blue area at either side of the Pentacle, six Hebrew Talismans are written. 

These are:

On the left Side, from the top

Mem.He.Shin - helps generate good health, neutralizes all sorts of illness, cures the body and soul, protects from pain, chronic fatigue and malfunction, induces cleansing and strengthens mental health. Enables stength and vigour. Brings about rejuvenation. 

He.He.Ayin - channels unconditional love; awakens love and relationships; love of mankind; achieves joy and comfort; promotes marriage and friendships; relieves bitterness, hatred and resentment. Favorable business unions. Money comes unexpectedly. 

Shin.Alef.He - enables an ideal match, marriage, union, new friends, closeness to others, valuable relationships; develops imagination, spiritual growth, good business associations; mutual growth and progress toward a goal. Good fortune in matters of the heart. Accord with others; strong and fulfilling bonds of relationship. Attracts the right people into the life. Develops imagination. Spiritual enrichment.

On the right Side, from the top

Samech, Alef, Lamed - brings abundance and prosperity, good fortune, wealth and benedictions. Helps remove financial blockages, promotes good livelihood, eliminates debt. Good financial transactions, increase in income, gain, and the wiping out of debts. Removal of blocks. Success and benison.

He.Zayin.Yod - channels positive energies and removes bad luck. Encourages divine providence, communication with angels, connection to the higher self, mental and spiritual wholeness, and emotional balance. Brings surprising offers and blessings for career, finances, or relationships. Enables a desire to guide and motivate others through creative interaction. Connection with your guardian angels. Miracles that bring about beneficence from others. Working towards a sense of wholeness. Encouragement, reassurance. Help and support from others.

Yod.Resh.Tav - cultivates a channel for a flow of abundance, success in career, and a charitable nature that gives to others. Enables you to choose right from wrong. Brings wealth, abundance, and success to the spiritual person who is kind and charitable. Blessings from heaven. A pure and receptive path through life. Good luck. Positive motives.

By keeping this talisman where you can regularly see it, the elements contained within it will become manifest in your life, so long as you really believe...
Be aware, however, that destiny and its threads will still confine or limit this manifestation, but be assured that the prayer that this Seal represents is like a beacon sending signals to the divine realm so that you are given the best help possible to achieve the best life you can have.

No divine entities, angels or demons are bound to serve or are enslaved by these prayers. There is therefore no repercussion to be had from using it ineffectively. Indeed, it cannot be used ineffectively. If you are able to have love, good health, harmony, serenity, and prosperity, this Seal will let the Angels know you are ready for them to become manifest. And even if they don't manifest straight away, this Seal ensures that when the time is ripe you will not miss out.

Be aware that while the Seal does work, you should not rely on its capacity, alone.
Always get your health checked by a doctor, and be sensible and cautious about such things.
Never rely on prayers alone to enable your ambitions to become manifest. Seek help in the physical realm wherever you may need it.

While the Seal does enable these positive elements to come into your life, sometimes you have to do the ground work yourself  to open the doors that will allow these benefits in.

The Seal of Aletheia (Copyright by L.O.Hennig & Lilipily Spirit, 2012)