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Lilipily Spirit is a business founded by family members  who use their own artistic skills to create products they feel might inspire others in some way. This focus of inspiration comes from a series of extraordinary and testing events that each member of the family has endured and survived. Experiencing these on such deeply personal levels, a surprising conclusion was arrived at - that inspiration and empowerment can come through the most ordinary things, and through the most subtle ways.

We learned to respect the material world and its rewards because, through these surprisingly ordinary elements, our belief that all life is a divine gift  was reinforced. We understood that all elements of life can be used to access the divine - even material things. That's why our motto became:
"Empower your Life - Connect with the Divine."

While some of our family members are more active than others on eclectic paths of spiritual ritual and metaphysical focus, they don't feel that their modes are superior for relating to the divine. You don't have to believe in the divine to benefit from its rewards, and you don't have to honor it to receive its blessings. By just appreciating these rewards and blessings for their true value, you give back to the divine.

The true value of the material world comes from
replenishing and strengthening the body and environment, from inspiring the mind and spirit, and from empowering the 'heart' and body to action. When the body becomes strong and a person has focus and directs that as will to positive action, wonderful things can happen, and beauty can be established in the world. This is the basis for all healing - even healing that is considered spiritual or metaphysical. Material things are of great benefit in daily life and should never be disrespected.

All our own products are created with intent. We focus our creative skills on manifesting inspiration, in whatever field that may be, and we understand that the fields of inspiration are many. For instance, our art posters and vinyl art are varied and the themes range from obvious spiritual or inspirational focus, to mundane concepts or simple decor that some might find hard to believe are representative of the spiritual or inspirational. The basis behind such a wide array of themes is simply this - we create what you find inspiring. If a child is inspired by a fairy, or a teenager is inspired by an image of a skateboard, or you have a penchant for saucy humor, then we consider those forms of inspiration just as valuable as the more obvious forms. It's not just beauty that's in the 'eye of the beholder.' Inspiration is, too.

Of course, there is more intent focused in the making of such things as our
ritual wands and staffsjewelry malas and prayer ladders, than in our other products, because these are created with themes of empowerment and healing  in mind. The items we create with this focus are also blessed in special metaphysical and spiritual rituals  to trigger the energies in them to action. We believe in the dormant energy of wood, gemstones, and crystals as being natural tools provided by the divine to empower us. The key word here is tool.  Even activated gemstones are dependent on the person directing their energies. We do our best to give the gemstones a focus during the creation of the pieces, and then through our ritual blessings - but after that their effect depends on how much you believe in their energies and how you use the pieces in your life.

Not all our items for sale are metaphysically oriented. Again, much is simply inspirational - allowing you to choose jewelry, clothes, tools, images, decor and sundry products that say something about you, what you like, and what you believe in. Some of our hand-crafted pieces do include
carved stones, bones, and other natural elements that have been created by artisans from many areas in the world, who have their own metaphysical focus and intent - like the carved Amerindian fetishes that have been blessed in special ceremonies before being sent to us. But we don't include products that have been finished with such elements in our own blessing and activation rituals unless those products are specific to modes of prayer or magick. We trust that much of the work has already been done for us by the creators of those elements, as our psychic workmates often 'feel' the energies inherent in these objects when they arrive in our workplace. You may feel these special energies in the pieces, too, or you may just feel really good when wearing or using the pieces. So long as you enjoy them, that's enough for us.

We also sell a wide variety of general products that we source from others, like incense and herbs, and prayer flags, and these have not, of course, been energised by us. However, they are usually items we use ourselves, or which we believe in as elements that are good for fostering a spiritually empowered life. Every item for sale on this website has been carefully picked to match our beliefs and intentions toward empowering your spiritual life and the worldly life of your spirit, even via the most mundane and unobvious. That is not to say that we are ourselves invested deeply in all of them, but we can see the value that you may obtain from them, so we have provided you access to them, here. And with that in mind, you will note that we encompass ALL religions and spiritual faiths, (inclusive of atheism, which we consider the divinity of self). It is our belief that the paths of the divine are multitudinous, but all lead to the same source. We are respectful of the rights of others to choose their own spiritual expression, even if it does not align to our own - and we are just glad that they are so inspired.

This website is not just a shop. You will find information on many different philosophical, metaphysical, and spiritual subjects here - plus other musings, and even personal histories. There are also individual 'one off' art or craft pieces for sale, or just on display for your viewing pleasure. We pride ourselves on being creative people, and what we have always noticed about creative products is that they tend to inspire others to creativity, as well.

Our products may not appear to be of great import in the world. Many may seem to be only items of decor or beauty, or even fashion - but
their value is in their ideas and concepts, and in what these trigger in those who are in contact with our products.

Inspiration connects you with life. Connecting you with life, so that you really live it, is the greatest work of all.

Below are the smiles of our founding family members.

(Titled with nicknames that only family give).

Today, our circle of family and workmates has grown, but these are the faces that began the journey of Lilipily Spirit


May a smile grow in your heart, for all to see.


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