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'Curly' was born when the Moon was conjunct his mid Heaven in Scorpio - making him an apt match for 'Lili', though one destined to be feisty due to his Sun Rising in Capricorn. Some astrologers say that Leo-Capricorn matches are karmic. 'Curly's' marriage with 'Lili' is certainly a powerful connection.


He was born in Austria to very bohemian parents (though was naturalised as an Australian while still a child). His father had roots in the upper classes but his mother was from solid peasant stock so they were ostracised by their families when they got together (such were the times, after the last world war). They traveled through Europe, having five babies along the way (one died) until they decided to migrate to Australia. 'Curly' was ten months old as they crossed turbulent seas to their new life and his mother had trouble stopping him slipping under the old ship's wire railings into the ocean as he crawled on the tilting decks.


Once his family arrived in Australia, his parents spent their savings on a motorbike with a sidecar and traveled with their four children in it to get to know their new country. (Well, they were a bit 'bohemian').


Curly (showing the back of his head) and his siblings, in the side car.



Having traveled their new country, his parents promptly settled down and began producing a further three children, bringing the sibling group to eight (including a daughter from his father's previous marriage, who also came to live with them, and not counting the deceased baby), so 'Curly' didn't remain the 'baby'' for very long. 


Curly (sittng on the shoulders of a 'beach belle' family friend) with his parents (Mum playing a concertina) and some of his siblings on an Australian beach in 1962.


Growing up, 'Curly' was serious and responsible, and loved to fix things. He became an air cadet in his youth and also played competition level table tennis. In his teens, he underwent training to become a television technician but it was through the sport of table tennis that he met 'Lili', who had been brought home as a school friend by his younger brother one Public Holiday to play a game on the family table. He was 19 and she 16, and within months she had run away from home to be with him. Two years later they were married and a year after that, they had their daughter, 'Puddin'. What attracted them to each other immediately were their views on spirituality which were surprisingly deep in each of them at a very young age. 


With regard to the table tennis, 'Lili' would go along to watch him play competition games in their early courtship and was surprised to see a particularly fancy move he regularly made during play. Whenever he reached along the side of the table to hit back a 'long shot' ball, he would deliberately tumble into a complete somersault. Later, he told 'Lili' that he had concluded that doing a somersault was less taxing on the body than stretching and stumbling, and possibly hurting himself. ('Lili' gave him the benefit of the doubt on that one, since she thought it astonishing that he didn't hurt himself doing it). As their courtship continued, 'Lili' was to discover that this 'somersault' precaution was also used when he walked along the pavement whilst holding her hand and found himself slightly tripping on a crack. Life with 'Curly' was going to prove quite interesting!


Today, 'Curly' has three adult children and five grandchildren. He lives with 'Lili' in a specially built house with their disabled son, 'Pumpkin' (who was run down in a traffic accident as a child ), and their pets, and is visited regularly by his other children and grandchildren. Along the way, he achieved a career as a television technician and shared a repair business with 'Lili.' He has also been an actor, producer, director, and committee member for the theatre group 'Lili' founded. 


After selling his home and business, and moving his family to a new state, he achieved a degree as a computer engineer and has thus created much of the background programming and shop package for Lilipily Spirit. ('Lili' created the web design). 'Curly' is the Webmaster of Lilipily Spirit. 


'Curly's' life, so early entwined with 'Lili's', has shared many of the same battles and tragedies. Like 'Lili', he has special psychic qualities of his own inclusive of a very handy 'psychic radar' that enabled him to find his errant run-away son time and again, many years ago, and which 'Lili' often asks him to use to help her find one thing or another, today. 'Curly' has particularly strong healing energies that come through when he gives massages to people. He learned to do 'hands on' healing along with 'Lili' in their youth and later joined the groups she attended to learn more. When their son, 'Pumpkin', was run down in a traffic accident, he joined 'Lili' at the hospital daily to form a 'healing link'. A favorite past time is meditating under a particular giant fig tree whilst sitting on its tangled yet comforting roots. He also follows the neo-druidic rituals that 'Lili' does, which bring his family together regularly with love. ' 


'Curly' is highly creative and does most of the wood preparation for the staffs, wands, and athames created by the members of Lilipily Spirit. He is also the person running the vinyl art section, making sure all decals are cut well.  


'Lili' sees 'Curly' as the vedic King of the monkeys god, 'Hanuman,' who never really believes in himself until someone else points out the great and magickal powers inherent in him. When asked, 'Curly' can almost do anything !


An old and grainy photo of 'Curly' and 'Lili' (age 21 and 18) in 1976.


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